Colibri, Gyres, etc

Colibri was well beyond my skill level though now I can say I’ve leveled up! Learned quite a bit about why down cut bits and compression bits are so important. And, why lead-in and lead-out distances are important (See Colibri Flower errors).

Lots of fun still to be had. Hats off to V1 for making the Lowrider as accessible and capable as it is.


That must have been a great project to piece together. Super cool.

Is there a video of it running?

The colibri I’ve constructed moves about as smooth as the one in this Hugger Colibri

Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t familiar with Derek Hugger, but I might give one of his simpler designs (Merlot perhaps) a go.

That’s really cool. I might have to give one of these a go. My mom is really big into hummingbirds and I think this would be great to build for her.

I thought the gyres were really cool, especially since they can be done in a day.

This was a very involved project for me and still, I highly recommend it.

On the subject of Derek Hugger’s collection and creating tool paths in Fusion360. I’d like to give a bit of advice and fair warning regarding the dxfs. The dxf’s contain many upon many points that turn into vertices upon extrusion or formation of a 3d solid in Fusion. Fusion will begin to slow greatly when computing the CAM strategies due to the number of vertices. I’m not sure how a 2D cam software like EstlCam or QCad will handle numerous points. Fusion, however, became nearly unworkable.

To get around this I recreated every sketch in fusion. THIS TOOK FOREVER!. Most of my time spent on Colibri was just re-sketching parts to eliminate vertices. And then I came across this:

Fusion360 Mesh Section Sketch

Fit Curves To Mesh Section

I now extrude the part, convert to STL or OBJ and then use the above to create parts with very few vertices. There’s still some clean up to be done. But this way is much, much faster. If anyone has an even better way, please chime in.