Coming back to mpcnc - estlcam woes

Hey all, I made the ol’ MPCNC a while back, did a test cut and haven’t used since just because of life. I’m coming back now to try and resume where I left off but estlcam is generating gcode with lines well outside of what the sample crown gcode has. It’s a new computer so new estlcam install along with repetier but I’ve checked every setting three times against the docs. Looks fine in estlcam but when I open the saved gcode in repetier I get this. Any ideas where I’ve messed up?

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It is a known issue with repetier to show those circles, upload your gcode to this and see if the circles are still there. If they are then i’d reinstall the latest version of estlcam, if not should be good to send.


IIRC, Repetier host 2.2.2 was the last version that didn’t have this problem. Something like that.

I think they are drawing their circles in the wrong direction. Clockwise, vs anticlockwise.

I am becoming more and more of the opinion that Repetier just kind of sucks…

2 ways to fix this though.

  1. Use a different gcode sender or maybe Octoprint, with @jamiek s gcode viewer.

  2. Turn off Estlcam’s G02/G03 setting. Its in the Program output. With Estlcam turning the arcs into short straight segments, Repetier won’t get confused and eff up the visualisatuon.

Or 3, downgrade to a working version of RH.

I honestly never liked RH. But we need something that is easy to set up (RH makes this a low bar). And works in windows and Mac. It needs to be able to jog and send commands. Linux users can tolerate something like Pronterface. The desktop cncjs app is pretty good, honestly. The only trouble there is that you can get caught in features that don’t work for Marlin.

I remember seeing a web browser (chrome only though) serial port monitor. It would be cool to have a dummy app that just did the basics.

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Y’all friggin rock. I tried each solution and they all worked so thanks everyone. Think i’ll go with the slightly older version of RH for now with that site link as backup. Much appreciated!!!

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