Commissioned coasters

I wasn’t even expecting these to turn out this good. First time I got fusion 360 to make a pocket using a v-bit and I’m blown away how well it cleared it out. These are commissioned by a friend from Haleiwa, HI. it’s and outline of Oahu island with the star on his hometown.


Brilliant, I’m hoping top do similar with the counties of Ireland.
Any tips on drawing the boundaries? Some are very complex.

I use adobe illustrator to start with a vector image and export that as a dxf to fusion 360. In this case i started with a vector file I found online.

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Check to see if their map creation tools can help you with the boundaries. I found it nice for some USA maps for some presentations. It downloads in a few formats - you can color the areas too - FYI.

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I just realized I should’ve gotten the grain to follow N to S in relation to the island, now I won’t be able to unsee… Will have to take it into consideration on the next map related project.

If it helps, the “flame” runs roughly N/S…

I meant the flame or the curly, not the grain, my bad. It’s out of whack like 20-30 degrees. Oh well.

Get a tiki mug (complete with paper umbrella) on it, and you’ll never see it…

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Windward / leeward is more relevant for surfing (and climate) than geographic north/south. North shore just happens to be geographic north (roughly), when it is really being the windward shore that matters.

So there. Reframe and your coasters are already perfect.


A friend purchased 8 of these, he’s got them already and I didn’t point it out and don’t intend to haha. I’m still happy with the way they came out, I just gotta work on my attention to the details.

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Good point.