Compatible with RhinoCam?

So I have been using Estlcam for awhile now for 2 dimensional cuts/drawings. One of my college classes uses RhinoCam and i was wondering what the process would be to configure the MPCNC parameters to it so i can use that program. Is this possible at all?



Wow, look at the price tag! They have a $10k version! I wonder what that has that the $600 version doesn’t.

It will probably work though, there nothing magical about the mpcnc gcode. I haven’t seen anyone on here using it though, so you won’t get much help. Maybe they can help you since it costs so much.

The school probably even gets it for free, so that students learn it, go to work somewhere and demand it, at $10k a pop. There’s no way it’s 200x more useful than EstlCAM. /Rant

They do give the students rhino at a discounted price. It’s just to make and engrave complex forms easier than most programs. I’ll try to contact them. I started here just to take a shot in the dark. Thanks!

I have the same question. I use Rhino CAM and would like to post directly from there instead of having to go between Rhino and EstlCAM. Were you able to find a post processor for it?

Wow. I remember when rhino was free! That was a long time ago though.

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