Configuring "the Red kind of End Stop"

The MPCNC RAMPS 1.4 firmware doesn’t seem to be set up for “the red kind of end stop”

[attachment file=“mechanical endstop red.jpg”]

Anybody know how you get it to work? I’ve connected them on both the x and y home positions and they don’t function as-is. I could try inverting the logic in the firmware but I’m guessing they’d be normally open and that would be unfortunate.

I think this is the schematic for these ubiquitous end stops:

[attachment file=101576]
wish I had used the classic kind with a 100 microfarad capacitor and be done with it.

Cut the wires and solder to common and normally open pins.


Less snarky suggestion…,160740,302703#msg-302703

The biggest issue with these kinds of endstops is every clone is a little different, and hooking one up wrong will probably let the magic smoke out. I think that illustration is correct with the board you have, but can’t guarantee it. It’s way easier to just skip all the fancy light crap, and hook the switch up directly to the wires.

That was funny Barry thanks!

The strangest thing happened, the endstops just mysteriously started working correctly after re-flashing the firmware. I can’t figure out what ‘changed’ or not but if they work they work.