Converting Easel gcode for Marlin

I know that Easel is somewhat frowned upon here, but I had a few old files on there that I still wanted to use and didn’t want to have to recreate. If you’ve tried to export the Easel gcode and run it through Repetier, you’ve noticed that it moves glacially slow because it doesn’t differentiate between the fast and slow moves, causing cuts to take way longer than they should. By doing a simple find and replace in a text editor, you can fix this issue. Simply do a find for “G0” and replace all instances with “G0 F2100” where F2100 is the speed in mm/minute that you want for your fast travel speed. Easel already puts a cutting feedrate in each cutting line, so you don’t have to switch back, it’s already done. I resave the .nc file with a “fast” filename addition and let it rip.

Looking through the forum, I didn’t see anyone spell out how to do this, so hopefully it helps.


No issues with easel it is just the most limited. Your tips will probably help a lot of people. Thanks.