Corner not joining

When I print this calibration square ( ) my Y+,X+ corner doesn’t connect (top right) and X+,Y- (top left). it seems to just be a fraction off. I am squared and all others print fine. Tried through Matterslice (primary) and Repetier. I have decreased the amount of filament coming out as it was extruding to much and I was unable to print parts that should have negative space. Items such as Print as one solid piece instead of moveable pieces. Any Ideas?

Did it miss on the same axis every single time? yes

Have you changed the size of your machine yet? yes

What are all of your speeds in your slicer? See bottom pictures

What slicer? Matter Control and Repetier

Have you tried another slicer? Yes Repetier

What temps? 230 for Filament (Matter Geeks) and 40 for the bed. Have tried numerous plus and minuses of 5 degrees.

What materials? PLA

Did you change any of the drivers voltages at all? Do you have a cooling fan on them? No changes (too scared to try that) and yes I have your ramps box with the fan at constant on. (its in the picture)

Using the wiring harness? Yes from you.

Using the 525 parts or previous? All newest parts




I know the printed piece looks out of square. that because the top right in not connected at all. the top left has maybe 1 or 2 layers holding it at the bottom.

On bigger prints i see nothing different . This is a very small print. I was just thinking maybe I’m a few steps off or something…

Can you zip the gcode and post it up here.

Small thin walled parts don’t slice very well. You should do all your calibration with large parts. Then you know the machine is right. The only way that will work right I would think is printing it as a spiral vase. What is happening is it is stopping and starting at the corners and they are just not connecting. I don’t think it is a machine issue.

If that wall is thinner than your extrusion width the slicer will ignore it. Did you use his 0.4mm thin wall part (or whatever size nozzle you have?) linked further down in the description?

I really don’t think this sort of calibration is worth your time honestly. A large part 100x00x100 for size issues, and an overhang or bridge for temp calibration part are all I have ever used. Thin walls are not common and can;t hold up structurally . They are all going to be vastly different depending on the filament you use at the time, even the color of filament.

You are right. I had some slicer setting wrong and Matterslice cant not read it. I changed back to Slic3r in Mattercontrol and it printed fine. The object is to just calibrate extrusion to get a .4 mm wall. now I am setting up the fitment test. it is very close. The whole reason for this is the problem that it cant print a part such as because it wont print the empty spaces. Not that I care about the stupid catapult but it will matter later on.