Cramer’s ZenXY Build

Look what I found at the hardware store.

[attachment file=82794]

I might as well start or restart working on the ZenXY. I’m not sure what size yet but 24” x 24” seems like a good place to start…?



Just happened to find what you needed…You don’t need our permission, we are all tech codependents round these parts!

FWIW, I think that’s an excellent size.

Well you have some 10’ sticks, no one has ever made one that big…double dog dare you.





Kidding, I don’t think it would work but it could be cool to see.

Heck, with 20’ to play with you could make it 3 ft square and have leftovers.

For the Zen bigger is better, but it is also usually dictated by the table or piece of glass you have.

What size of mdf do I need between the moving parts and the ball in the baking soda?

I’m using 3/32" hardboard. So that’s almost 1/8".

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Any idea how much belt would be required for 24 x 24 inch?

It travels each direction 4 times. So if the tubes are 24", it would be 24"x4+24"*4=16’. It takes a lot. It also has to be one continuous piece.

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Thanks Jeff!

What about lighting? I was thinking I would use LED strips under the top edge reflecting down.

IDK. I want to figure this out myself. I would rather the leds not blind someone sitting on the side of one, but I don’t want to add a ton of area outside just to add in leds. I haven’t figured out a good approach, and I haven’t tried anything.

Almost done with the ZenXY. HA! I need bolts!!

I ordered some belt off of Amazon but it’s 5 meters long. I don’t think I will be able to go a full 24x24.

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Are these M3 x 15 meant to thread into plastic? Might be that my holes aren’t the correct size if so.

Mine are, but I have modified my parts. Can you reach a nut if you use a M3x20mm?

Also, they aren’t doing much. You could probably just drop them in place, and they would work fine. The idler bearings are going to spin freely.

As long as it doesn’t hit anything I might just put a lock nut on it.

This is what I did. They didn’t quite “drop” in but they didn’t really need to thread in either. Gravity should hold them in place in use.

Getting my Zen going. Need some pulleys and maybe a stepper or two.

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I recommend at least one stepper. Two if you’d like to draw in 2D.

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