Cramer’s ZenXY Build

Look what I found at the hardware store.

[attachment file=82794]

I might as well start or restart working on the ZenXY. I’m not sure what size yet but 24” x 24” seems like a good place to start…?



Just happened to find what you needed…You don’t need our permission, we are all tech codependents round these parts!

FWIW, I think that’s an excellent size.

Well you have some 10’ sticks, no one has ever made one that big…double dog dare you.





Kidding, I don’t think it would work but it could be cool to see.

Heck, with 20’ to play with you could make it 3 ft square and have leftovers.

For the Zen bigger is better, but it is also usually dictated by the table or piece of glass you have.