Creality board for MPCNC

First post!!

The parts are printed and the machine is assembled! I think I am stuck on the firmware…

I have an old Creality 1.1.3 eight bit board and LCD that came with my Ender 3. I have a very old version of marlin that was preloaded and I dont have a bootloader.

I am able to connect steppers and I have manual movement through the LCD for x,y and z but the gcode crown test will not run… it just sits there.

I am assuming the cold extrusion or the lack of homing setting is preventing the code from running.

My question is, can I manually change the configuration file and disable the extruder temperature reading? Do I need to update the firmware to do this? Is there a hardware workaround, maybe a jumper?

Thanks for any help.


Yes you can install a bootloader on it,

Teaching teach has a good tuturial on youtube about it, you will need an Arduino uno to do it.

Then you can flash an custom Marlin firmware on it.
I have seen a fork of GRBL for the melzi board
Other option is to try klipper, you would stil need a bootloader and a Rpi for this but the setup seems easier.

For hardware options: i think it is possible to “fool” the extruder temp with a resistor but i have never tried this. but now that i think about it: the bed dimensions will be wrong too and using the stock firmware will not work (nicely)

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