Curved-sides baby room dresser

Here you can find a dresser I built. Lowrider2 is used many times to cut frames, jigs, and more.

More info in video description


Looks amazing, quality workmanship for sure!

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Thanks Ryan

Man, that’s a really cool project. Very unique, very nice. Looks like it will last a long time with the way you put it together.
Also really good job on the editing. Great speed and I almost didn’t notice the time jumps. Slow enough I could work out what you were doing, fast enough that I didn’t want to jump through.
Two thumbs up!


I really appreciate your comments :yum:


It is really nice to watch a detailed project video like this. It reminds me of the diresta style. It is very entertaining. I feel like I’ve already gotten something done today!

I really liked the way you cut the legs out. That was great. It is a skill I need to gain. Did you make the templates for the drawer fronts on the LR? I was curious why not use the LR for the whole drawer front.

I’m glad that back panel fit so well. That shows how square your setup is.

It’s clear you know how to make a piece of furniture. I hope you’ll keep it up and I will watch anything else you share.

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Thank you jeffeb3…I cut drawer fronts by hand as the nesting I chose to optimize full panel cutting list came out with strips of the right width. I only had to cut the curved shape, so I made two templates, one for upper and lower drawer, one for the middle one. Cutting small 5mm templates on the bandsaw by sticking a print on it is faster than setting up LR.

Just a note…the thin sheet I used on the back is held in place by a vacuum table. I’ll soon post photos about that. You can follow me (fremebondo) on Instagram to be notified about that.

Thanks again for you comment, it will be my pleasure to share my next projects with you!


As another guy that likes to make different and unique furniture, Bravo! Very well done, I LOVE the curves. My Low Rider just finished printing and I’m starting to put it together now, I can’t wait.

Thanks for sharing and nice editing job on the video.

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