Cut Part Dimensions

Hi All,

Newbie to the forum here.

Started printing all of the pieces for my LowRider 2, ordered almost all of the parts required except the “Cut Parts”, 611-Plate and Y-Plate.

Opening the DXF files in different applications gives me drastically different dimensions.

Is there somewhere I can get a hold of the plans, with dimensions, so I can cut the parts out correctly the first time?

Hate wasting material and time to find out I started incorrectly to begin with.



Import them in millimeters.

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Morning Barry,

Thanks for your response, although since starting with 3D printing, my entire life seems to have switched to metric.

When I import the DXF & SVG (converted) files into the same cutting software, in millimeters, the sizes are different.

When I import the DXF files into Inkscape, the sizes are different from the cutting software I use, again all in millimeters.

Normally in this situation, I import the file into cutting software, create a template that sticks to the wood and use that to get an accurate part.



Ahh, I see. I want to say the 611 plate is 230mm on the long side, and the y plate is 329mm on the long side. When I import them into estlcam as mm it’s correct. I know inkscape imports weird.


Also, Dan has them available for sale linked on the project page if you want to skip making them. There is also a free program linked at the bottom of the FAQ’s page that lets you measure the DXF directly.


I use Metric for small stuff, anything over 1" and I think in imperial for the most part. I do keep a combo ruler and combo tape measure nearby at all times.

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Awesome, thanks both of you for the help.

I started this hobby about 4 months ago and it has been a lot of fun and have found people to be really helpful.

I’m coming close to retirement after a very very long career in the computer industry and find all of this fascinating,

Didn’t realize I could be reinvigorated in computers again, but thanks to projects like this, I see a very productive and fun retirement on the horizon.

Thanks again,


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