Cutting many rectangles from a 4x8

Hey folks,

I need to build 36+ in-ceiling speaker boxes for a new home. I started off manually cutting the rectangles out of 4x8s, but as you can imagine it’s monotonous. I’m planning on building an Lr2, with the question of when, not if.

Would I have any issues cutting various rectangles (13x19, 13x5, 20x5) out of a 4x8? If I design to cut-through all the way so in the end I have separate pieces, would these pieces slide around as each one is finished getting cut? Would the recommendation be not cut-through everywhere and just punch them out afterward?

Any other concerns you can imagine? Will lines be straight assuming a good workbench?


It will be slower than using a saw by a significant amount. And yes, they will move around so you could use tabs then cut through the tabs or break them then sand them flush.

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This would be a job for a table saw.


Table saw.

Here is a video I think you will find extremely interesting considering your project. Prepare to be blown away.