Da Plane! Da Plane!

I’ve watched tutorials and read instructions and can’t seem to figure out what I thought would be a simple a simple task.

I have an F360(I wish- Nice Ferrari :grin:) file someone sent me, it’s two simple 2D objects, one on the front plane and the other on the back plane. I’d like to move them to the bottom plane so I can cut them out as 2D objects.

Can I actually get there from where I am?

Click on the object and rotate?

Maybe I missed the secret handshake or something but I’ve tried with no joy.

Here you go, hope this is what you are talking about.

This video is unlisted…

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Geez! Thanks! I was stumbling around in that area but about as effectively as my creaky knees trying to do some crazy dance steps. I did move things around a bit, just not where I wanted them. :scream: I know Fusion’s quite capable but for some reason I have more difficulty at times finding what I need than with some other programs I’ve used in the past.

No Problem! With time you will be doing everything you want without thinking.

Dang! I hope so. In the past I’d used two different versions of the same CAD/CAM program. One was like an old pair of broken in jeans, comfortable from the start, the ‘improved’ version while no doubt improved for those using it for hours every day was a challenge for a hobby user such as myself. I’m still kinda poking around hoping I’ll find that old pair of jeans sort of program.

I’m still gonna need to watch that video a few times but at least I have a direction to head, I actually want to cut it as two separate pieces, I think as a lamp base the shadows will add some ‘character’. I did a one piece in some foam today and it made me want to continue.

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To cut in 2 pieces, the easy way is to hide one of the components and generate the tool path for that component them go back and do the same fore the other one.

Yeah, what was making me nuts was trying to lay them down on a different plane, I definitely got them into what (when you’re learning to fly) are known as ‘unusual attitudes’. :upside_down_face:

Before I go stand in the corner under a dunce hat, and I’m pretty much headed in that direction, when I open the file I have, the information in the upper left seems incomplete compared to your video which is very blurry and difficult to read. In yours the last line is I’m guessing Component 2? I have no second component listed and damned if I’ve found a way to make my screen agree. If I expand the category ‘sketches’ it shows only Sketch 1 but offers a choice to Extrude 1 or Extrude the mythical 2 .

If I had intentions of doing an animation of a DOHC V-12 I’d expect an extremely steep learning curve, but being able to move two simple shapes where I want them not so much. May have to check my local library to see what Guides for Dummies are on the shelf.

Components are just a way to organize multiple parts in the same file. I wouldn’t worry about trying to make his screen match yours exactly.

If you want to do so, you can select your root object (“ford v8 old logo”) and then select Create New Component (like you would create new sketch) and then create sketches in that component. You can drag/drop sketches from outside of the component into it (drop them on the root of the component, not inside of it) to organize.

I don’t know, I’m not finding it very intuitive to use at all. I have two objects, one on the front plane, one on the back, and to me it should be very simple to lay them down separately on the bottom plane. I’ve gotten to some interesting places but no where near where I want to be. I’m still trying to find some tutorials that explain some of what to me should be simple tasks. I’m either going brain dead or it’s not the program for me, at this point that may be a coin flip. :scream:

Fusion can be a bit overwhelming for some of the more simple tasks until you start to think like it wants you to think, and then it gets quite a bit easier.

It is very simple to do as you are asking, but without knowing more details, it’s difficult to give generic advice. I can say that moving things around to where you want them in Fusion can be one of the more difficult concepts to adjust to. I find it best to have sketches with construction lines at key points, and then use constraints, dimensions, or “point to point” on the movement popup to move objects around.

What’s really frustrating me is I learned some CAD by simply doing. Nothing extremely complex but things like manifold adapters, carb spacers, engine plates, billet connecting rods etc. and there really weren’t tutorials available at the time. I simply played with it and had very little trouble doing what I wanted to do. This is making me feel like I just rebuilt an engine and can’t figure out how to put oil in it. The only thing missing is an emoji for village idiot.

If you’re cutting the two parts separately, there’s no need to move them around.

Well, I can’t even get them on the right plane and I haven’t figured out how to cut on the front and back ones. No worries, I think I just need to go watch the pelicans for a bit. :upside_down_face:

If you send me the file (PM and upload the file, or email it) I can try and help you and explain what is needed to do what you want. Keep in mind that I am not an expert, just someone like you that has learned what I needed to as I went.