Derailleur mount

I’m not ready yet (have to drill the holes), but I’ve to show, because I’m so happy that it worked: a front derailleur mount for my diy bamboo cargo bike. It’s made of 15mm Aluminium. I milled it in 3 passes using Estlcam’s trochoidal settings. It will replace a 3d printed part made out of nylon which worked not so bad but was very elastic, and white.

Nice cut! Only 3 passes? That looks great.

Dude! That’s awesome!

Took a while, but now I finished. I milled three holes and threaded them and it works great!

What’s holding the tubes together?

Carbon rovings and Epoxy.
Some pictures:

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Wow, amazing.
Only 3 passes? How fast was it cutting?

That looks like a neat build. I like the 8020 frame mounts. Such a neat project.

That looks super involved but man that must have been fun. Lots of build techniques I have never seen or tried in there. Cool!

Hi Eric,


I am a bit late but would like to learn cutting aluminum. Which tool did you use?