Dewalt 660 and an extruder too?

Can I swap one out the router if I buy an extruder and have my MPCNC 3D print or router wood?

3D Print, Route, Laser, Needle cut foam, Wood Burning, vinale etc

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Yes you can Mike, but you are likely not going to want to try and print if you build as big as you’ve been planning. 3D printing require tighter tolerances than you’re liable to get with a 7’ axis.

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For 3D printing I was going to keep the build plate area 2 x 2 max. No bigger. I probably won’t use the entire space to do woodworking too. I’m building my MPCNC 3x4 until I get familiar with it. I can always make it bigger. I’m hoping to make enough money to get the Lowrider for my bigger furniture projects later. Right now I’ll keep it simple and start making things to sell.

Ryan, I can’t afford the SS tube and can’t find the flat parts. I don’t know what the cost difference is between the Lowrider and MPCNC If you think I can do it, then I’ll try. It sounds like that’s the better option. Agree?

I replied to your other thread as well.

You are trying to do everything with one machine, and maybe we are a big nonchalant about some of the capabilities, as we each use it for different reasons and each of our builds works great. You are trying to do it all (to an extreme) in one build. I have two different CNC’s and that is just for mainly wood milling.

You say 2’x2’ 3D printing like that is common or easy, I think that is why everyone is jumping in and trying to slow you down a bit. Yes, it can do it, is it easy, no. Just getting a 2’x2’ print surface planar and level enough to print on is difficult, very actually, then you have to figure out some way to heat it (and still keep it planar) and that will definitely require mains voltage at that size. Rotary, lathe, 7’, you are triggering all of us that want to help to put your expectations in check a little bit. There is no other machine in the world doing what you are wanting to do with any of my machines, again, can it, yes, can it do it well, not in a single build. The biggest thing I feel you are missing is the time frame these things take. No sense in having a 7’ machine if it takes 3 days to do the project, you have to find a way to make it into smaller more manageable parts, in doing that you might as well have smaller machine that does it’s job faster and more accurately.

Good God, I ram really regretting asking any questions. I’ll figure it out.

I went on YouTube and learned how to tile my work.

As for trying to do it all, I want to be able to 3D print my parts for a Lowrider and maybe another mpcnc. My printer is cheap Chinese junk. I too want several machines for different uses. For now, this will have to do both.

Please send my order as placed.


I see your previous reply. I am not even slightly frustrated or irritated, promise. I am trying to make sure we are on the same page with the machines capabilities as well as your experience.

I/we are trying to make sure you have a pleasant experience and not feel ripped off.

I never considered it. I see hundreds of people who have nothing but love for this and you. That’s why I’m buying from you. I still feel like that now. Sorry. I’m frustrated. At 60, things are harder to understand than at 20.

This is a big investment for me. I lost everything in 2008 and then had 5 tumors removed a couple years later. Not many options left for me so I have to get this right the first time. Anyway, I’ll try 2x2 and go from there. KISS rule.

Edited my post cause I missed your last post.

I posted in haste in my earlier post about all the things possible cause I was in a bit of a hurry at the time. I should have waited. The MPCNC is very capable of doing many things up to a degree. What I posted is possible to achieve, but all with a degree of nuance, understanding limits and experience in it’s use.

This forum, the people here and Ryan only want you to be successful in your endeavor.

Ryan has convinced me to go smaller. I learned about tiling my pieces last night (YouTube video) which I didn’t know I could do. As for the 3D printer, again, the area will be about 12" sq. I was referring to the 2 ft size of the MPCNC, not the actual printing area. Good God, it would take forever to print something that big - weeks! lol

I just wanted to be able to print my parts for a Lowrider later on. That’s why I want to use the extruder. Planning ahead. I wish I was a little more clear on this.

Thanks Bill

It’s all good, sounds like we are getting onto the same page. In the end I can tell you are excited by the possibilities, like we all are (that’s why we are here). The machine is extremely easy to resize, Just start small and the learning experience will be so much less frustrating.

Glad you stuck with us and we were able to reach an understanding. I have to make a drive to get my hardware shipment, I hope to make it back in time to ship your order today.