Didn't make the cut...


Hmmm. Have you considered bribing them with ads?

Maybe they didn’t believe you could build a CNC for less than $499.

Well, they are all three axis machines, yet they are calling some 2.5D and some 3D.

The list looks really similar to the Make Magazine shootout one a few years ago, IMO. Maslow isn’t on there either and that’s a super cool machine too. No Sphinx or workbee/ox for the same price of a SO3.

They called the dust collection on the build your own cnc machine “novel”. They have no clue what they’re talking about.

I gotta say… Nothing on that list looks as versatile as an MPCNC, and all of them < $1k look like cheap toys.

Yeah, they’re just rehashing someone else’s reviews. Probably trying to get comped some machines. Not a lot of thought or research into it.

Would yours really be considered a kit?

I didn’t read the description of all of those, but do any of them require you to fabricate our own rails?

I would think a ‘kit’ would come with everything you need to build the device.