Different board for my Eustathios Spider V2 3d printer

I’m currently using the Panucatt X5Mini Wifi. I’m thinking about replacing it with something else. My Eustathios Spider V2 (ESv2) is currently silent when it prints. The only noise the ESv2 makes is from the fans.

Would the Einsy Rambo be a good alternative?

I don’t know either that printer or that controller. The einsy rambo is what is in the original prusa mk3 and the einsy retro is meant to be retrofitted into things like a lulzbot. The differences are minor.

They both use the trinanic tmc2130 motor drivers, which are very quiet in my experience.

Guys on popular russian 3d site look at new 32 bit board from bigtreetech. At first look it looks pretty nice. It costs $16 alone and $42 with 5 tmc2130

I don’t believe that one runs Marlin yet, Smoothieware only.

I put the v2.0 bigtree in my ender 3, I have dual z motors before it was so load I wanted to take the 2nd on out. I upgraded and they are really quiet, seems like it doesnt I got the BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V2.0 Control Board. It runs on marlin. I had to take and put it in marlin mode to get it to update firmware. sdcard wouldn’t work when it was using the touch screen. after upday works like a charm.