Different spindle options and their loudness

So, having gotten to a point where my the basic functions of my MPCNC are there, I’m beginning to think about which spindle to use, once I’m upgrading from my rotary tool. Since the MPCNC lives with me in my single-room apartment, noise is an important factor (I also plan to build an complete enclosure to reduce noise and dust)

My two options so far are:

A 400/500W brushless spindle


A 0.8kW Chinese HF spindle


The latter should be more quiet I think and would also have the advantage of being water-cooled (could be better with an complete enclosure), however it is also nearly double the cost (90€ vs 150-200€)

Any thoughts? Does anyone have both by any chance and could give me a relative comparison?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry if this post is double - the first one just vanished after I tried to edit it :confused:

Sound wise both will be quieter than your vac and the material getting cut, but I have no experience with either.