Forgive if this has already been asked. Does V1 have a discord? if not, would yall be interested in something like that?


Yea, we have one, but prefer the forums.


There is one indeed. I’ve been asking for one myself. A few years back I was more active playing video games, and thus Discord was a obvious place to be for a more informal social hangout. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for gaming in my life right now, so I haven’t been to the server for a long time…

Here it is, you can find it in the menu:


I came across a new function on Discord last night, when looking for help on the fluidnc+mks dlc32. They now offer a “thread” option in the server rooms. I really like it, makes it possible to have many discussion in the same room running at once, and even keeping an archive of earlier threads. I’m not saying that we should migrate to Discord, it just occured to me that this option makes it more usable for saving user troubleshooting and guides.

ugggg, threads are the worst.