Distances between sand base and glass

Hey y’all,
Getting ready to set the base for the sand and wondering how far it should be between the floor and the glass. The entire table is 42x23 and I have about 5” of space between inside top of the base of the box and inside bottom of the glass. (Hope that made sense) I am planning on putting in LEDs in both the top and bottom areas so the Cool movement is also illuminated. I’m also planning to use a 1/2” ball, but not sure if that’s appropriate for this size of a box. I also know all of this is up to the designers ( which is something I love!), but would appreciate some advice for a starting point to work from. Worst part is that I am building this as a farewell gift to one of the finest (and pickiest) woodworkers that I know.

So my questions are:

  1. How far from the sand to the glass?
  2. How deep for the sand?
  3. Is a 1/2” ball the right size?
  4. Is 1/4” wood base too thick or thin for the base?

Thanks for the help!

  1. Not really sure, but I would guess about 3/4" is about the minimum from under the sand to the bottom of the glass.
  2. The sand is less than 1/8" deep in my table. And it is baking soda.
  3. I use a 1/2" ball. Sandify is basically defaulting to 1/2" size.
  4. My table is about 24x24" and I am using 3/32" hardboard. It sags a little, but it works.
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