Do I have to scrap an MPCNC that is no longer needed?

Hello all,
I have a small MPCNC in a housing. However, this is no longer needed, as I switch to a slightly larger milling machine made of aluminum.

Therefore, I wanted to sell my old machine with the housing (I do not want to throw away all the parts actually, because they are way too good). Therefore, I offered the machine on Ebay Kleinanzeigen (platform for secondhand sale in Germany) for sale.

Now to my problem, after not even 24 hours, my ad was blocked because of copyright infringement?! I can only imagine that the seller of the 3D printed parts from DE had the ad blocked. Can someone please explain to me the reasonableness of this? That would be like me trying to sell a used shoe from Adidas and Adidas having the ad blocked.

Should we throw away old machines rather than resell them? That is definitely in the sense of the environment!

Ryan does takedown ads selling printed part sets on eBay. He owns the copyright on the parts. So far as I know there is one other authorized seller, I thought in Australia.

Ryan does allow selling used parts, and used machines, but not if you want to sell multiple kits. Unfortunately there have been many cases of people trying to make printed part kits and selling brand new, fresh-off-the-printer printed part sets, and/or hardware kits. As this is Ryan’s livelihood, he obviously has a stake in stopping this from happening.

Your case of trying to sell one second-hand machine is within the license agreement, and therefore is permissable, so far as my understanding goes. I’m sure that the ad takedown was a misunderstanding, perhaps something lost in translation.

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I think I remember Ryan stating one time that there’s some type of automated regex or something running on ebay that just kills anything v1 related.


You may also list the machine for sale on these forums without difficulty.


You can sell your machine, just not on ebay. Too many folks trying to sell shitty kits, then sending them here for support.


Ebay made me register the design and trademark so unless you are registered entity with permission you can not sell on ebay. Please list it in the forums here or a more local marketplace. One offs are allowed to be sold, but I can not register you for a single sale on ebay.

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I don’t know how popular/effective it may be but there is a Craigslist in Germany and if it’s like it is in the US there’s no charge so it couldn’t hurt.