Does ESTLCAM limit the number of lines for big size of drawings

Am designing a large piece of decorative wood / bed end to be specific, it is 1900mmx520mm, when i try to generate a gcode, estlcam only codes the middle part of the svg/dxf vector file

estlcam only generates a code for the section circled in red

what can i do to ensure the entire art piece is coded?

Do you use dxf or svg? I’ve experienced that dxf(14) is more reliable than other formats in estlcam

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Let me try it right now

Thanks alot it worked


It is possible to pocket outside a drawing in estlcam?

I have done it with words and it works, but have failed to figure out how i can clear all material outside a drawing,

I believe that Estlcam has an option to add a “primitive” shape, but I have juste edited the drawing and put a box around the outside, which works well.

If you use the carve function, with manual shape pointing outwards, you might be lucky. I think you need a v bit for that though, not sure

Thanks a lot

Today i tested the LR on different types of wood, this is what i got using a wood working vbit

My interest was to come up with a wood type with less fibers

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I wanted to do large pieces but i realised the wood pieces provided by my carpenter arent leveled, it looks like i need to buy a flattening slab.

i have seen a diy kit being sold at lee valley, it can be used to build a large 4ft x 8ft flattening slab