Does this look suitable?

Got it for free from a neighbor. I imagine i can cut out the middle and make a support for the glass.

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It looks like it would work. The only thing that is surprising about the dimensions is that it does require a pretty good sized lip. It is hard to tell from a picture, but it may end up a bit small.

But small is still good.

I just measured it. 2 inches from the groove to the edge.

But you have to clear the skirt underneath. Measure how big of a rectangle you can make underneath and compare that to the top.

Yeah, your hole will be much smaller than the groove defines if you want to not have a big border under the glass.

Maybe the smart thing for me to do is print up some pieces and see how it should fit. I thought about boxing in the skirt for the soda, but now I think that might not be a great idea.

I think it could definitely work! However, I am afraid you will need to add a bit of extra wood to box in the mechanism. As some have mentioned, the skirt on all sides looks pretty short so even if you make the sand/soda area really shallow I think you will still end up seeing the printed parts stick out the bottom. Not to mention room for the electronics. It will be tight but I am sure you can make it work.

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