Dog bone fasteners

Someone needs to make a 3D printed version, maybe with some all thread it something:

Hi Jeffe,
from the video I see little wich could be 3D printed IMHO
but maybe we could do something like this with 3D printing:
[attachment file=58476]

I think in this design they are using a “lock” screw with a 4-side flathead at the one end, I am not sure if those are available worldwide, but a hole for a standard nut or hexhead screw should be easily possible.


Yeah, something like that was about what I was thinking. Normal hex bolts or carriage bolts (thats what I call that type with the round head and 4 sided part underneath) could work. I dont have a specific project in mind, but I like this idea.

First draft…

[attachment file=58480]

maybe will need some refinements.
also not sure how the print parameters should look like, I think the manufacturer of the part is using cast metal for some reason…

Remember to put that square hole to match the carriage bolt on the flat side. It might be best to have two parts, one with and one without.

the hole is there, by changing the depth of the holes you can sellect for carriage bolt square flats, hex nut or flat.
please post a make if used then I can remove the WIP status.