Dog shape desk Lamp made with freecad+free files

A Dog shape desktop lamp made for my daughter, it took me a day to finish using only open sorce software, freecad, bcnc and grbl on arduino mega board.

and a youtube clip


Nice work!
:clap: :clap:

freecad files + DXF
dog (170.6 KB)


Thanks Ryan
it is a nice thing it make.

I could use one of those. What lamp socket/cord did you use?

Hello Jeff I used a small E27 lamp, I also used 9mm plywood to feet the print. But you can change dimensions on freecad.

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I have a lamp in my 3yo’s room that I have reprogrammed to change to blue when it is ok to get out of bed after nap. It is an old model, that is no longer made, but I think it is E27. It fits in the regular light bulb sockets around here (I live in CO, US).

I currently have it in an old floor standing lamp, but I worry she will knock it over and break the glass.

Awesome! I was looking at your pictures, and thinking “I totally need to copy that”. This is even better. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: