Drag knife holder for v1 Makita mount

Before I spend the time designing something myself I thought I would ask if anybody has made a drag knife holder that fits into the Makita mount from the V1 tool mounts collection?

I’ve had a search on Thingiverse but the couple of models I found have the bottom Makita mount upside down.


I plan on using the pen holder that I made for mine. It’s intended to use the Makita clamp base, but should also work for the V1 Primo mount, since it emulates the router barrel.


Couldn’t find anything that fit my needs perfectly so decided to design my own solution. It can hold the drag knife and a pen using an adaptor I designed. Also keeps everything centered in the mount.

Will get a couple pics of it in use tomorrow.


Not yet used it fully yet but did a full test fit and everything looks good.

Holder fitted with drag knife installed.

Ped adaptor

Holder fitted with pen adaptor fitted.


So now I can swap between knife, pen and router without having to change the mount and everything lines up so can use the same alignment grid.


@gforce2010 how did the new mount work out? Would you be interested in sharing the design?

Done a few more cuts and seems to be working well.

I will upload to Thingiverse in the next couple of days.

I didn’t get my knife from Ryan but the one I have looks the same. I will include a small test piece that you can print to check the fit of the knife before printing the whole mount.