Dressing the rails?

My conduit has some sticky stuff from the stickers where the price tag was. I’ll use goo gone to clean that off.

But, does anyone use anything on the rails? I was thinking of cleaning them off with rubbing alcohol and then giving them a coat of something… possibly the spray that’s used on garage door rails, or silicone, or???

I hit mine with 220 sandpaper (just to really brush off any debris - lightly) then spray them with a hit of this pb blaster with teflon. Not sure if it helps at all but it seems like everything rides smooth.


Unless you’re starting to see surface rust, I wouldn’t put anything on them. Unless it’s a dry lubricant, it will gunk up with dust. So far mine hasn’t rusted at all, and it lives in a barn.

The stuff I posted is pretty wild. It sprays on yet dries to a transparent chalk white. It’s not sticky, I have been able to blow off the wood dust after a cut. Again can’t confirm it’s better than untreated but it has not been a dust magnet in my experience (totally understand that concern).

That’s cool. Also make sure that if you’re lubing the rails that your bearings are still spinning. I’ve seen people rub flat spots on larger machines because they lubed a rail that shouldn’t be, then didn’t check it for a while. It caused the bearing to not spin when it was freshly lubed so crap built up around the bearing, then when the lube wore down it was metal on metal friction.

I just wiped mine off with MEK and haven’t needed to do anything more than that.