dual endstop different x0/x1 and y0/y1 movement


I have noticed today that I have considerably different movement for the 10mm movement command via the display unit:

10mm desired: actual x0=8.3mm, x1=16.3mm, y0=11.1mm, y1=5.9mm

It is very consistent, and is not a mechanical issue.

There is no way to calibrate the X1 separately from X0, and, similarly, no way to calibrate Y0 from Y1.

So, I must have something wrong in the firmware.

I have Separate E settings undefined.

Board SKR 1.3, with TMC2208 drivers (5), Marlin bugfix 2.0, dual_endstop code.

As you can see, nearly TWICE the movement desired for X1, and nearly HALF the movement desired for Y1.

I have XYZ and E0,E1,E2 drivers defined. (Not X2/Y2).

The ‘print’ movement is jerky, which can be obvious from having opposite end motors moving at different rates.

What should I look for in the Marlin code?





Make sure you are using 16T pulleys. Make sure they are actually tight (#1 issue at the moment around here), make sure you are asking it to move at a reasonable speed, take off the belts and verify they are all moving and in the right direction.

Did you manage to solve your problem?