Dual EndStop Pins

Ok, Just checking because I recently had eye surgery and can’t see small print very well on the endstops. On the Dual Endstop sent with my Rambo Board, Which pins should be used? the NO or NC. Outer or Inner pins? Thank you. I’m assuming the two outer pins are normally open? Is this what I am looking for?


The firmware V1 maintains expect the switches wired NC for X and Y axes. On the switches that came with my Rambo board, NC was the two outer pins. Polarity does not matter. On the Rambo board, you want ‘the -’ and ‘s’ pins, and nothing should be connected to the ‘+’ pin. The order of “s-+” is swapped between the min and the max pins on the Rambo board. See this image.

Note that NC switches are considered safer since if a connection is knocked off, the homing will just stop rather than continue and ram into the end of the axis. An M119 g-code will verify the switches are wired as expected.


Awesome that’s what I thought but wanted to be sure. This is taking me longer than I thought to get everything wired up and routed the way I want it. Now I have to figure out if I can use UGS instead of Repitier-Host do you? I’m used to UGS from my 3080 so Im hoping I can do that again to keep things simpler.

On the forum, USG is usually listed as a GRBL-only solution that does not work with Marlin.