Dual Endstops on an SKR Pro 1.2

I’m trying to read through the documentation of this but am getting a bit confused.

In the documentation it says I will wire up my endstops using x min, x max, y min, y max and z max.


But in the skr section of the instructions the pinout doesn’t have z max defined?


I dont just want to assume that the last pins available in the second link are z max, but are they?

Thanks guys.


This shows the Zmin for touch plate, which I think is correct for the MPCNC. The low rider is different.

Yes Z min is the touch plate. I need 2 Z max but only one X right? I cant find any resource that shows me the pinout on the SKR board for that

Ah. Ok ref this image:

The ones that don’t have a label are zmax. Zmin is still the touch plate. The one labeled X2 is for the Z2.

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Ok perfect thank you

One other thing I am still trying to figure out in my head is able management for the 2 Y end stops. Its a long table so that cable would be so long. I’m thinking to bring both of them to the midpoint of the Y axis travel and then attach them there, then just leave a smaller length of cable that would allow the router to reach each extent of the Y axis. Does that make sense?

Mount each of the two switches to their respective y-plates.

Cabling for one side is short (assuming your board is also mounted to that same y-plate). The opposite end (far side), just run the end stop cable through an x-axis tube or in the aluminum angle plate. Take the same path of the far side motors.

If that doesn’t make sense let me know and I can share photos. My X and Y are swapped so I’m running in “portrait mode” but the same wiring principles apply.

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No that makes perfect sense. How do you have the switches attached to the Y plate so that they make contact? I’m not sure how they would bump into something on my table

Lots of 3d printed designs to choose from!

I have mine mounted using this design: LowRider2 CNC Z and Y limit switch mount by karliszalitis - Thingiverse

And the switches themselves bump into a piece of angle bracket screwed into the table top.

You could also have them bump into something such as this along the side rails: https://youtu.be/O-soHZbTGS8?t=14