Dual Firmware, means dual endstop configuration?

Hi, Ihave just finished assembling the MPCNC.

From the LCD everithing moves fines and in the direction they must do it.

Reading the next step that is connecting to the PC and getting the Repetier Host work I got a doubt.

When I purchase here the control board I´ve chose the RAMBo Dual Firmware.

This board with this firmware flashed is only compatible with the dual endstop configuration?

If I just want to use it doing the zero position manually and at least for now, doing only basic things do I have to flash the board with the normal firmware?


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(sorry for my ugly English, it´s not my native language)


It should, you can check by using repetier to issue a M119 command, from the dual endstop page.

No you would have to edit the firmware to accommodate this.

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