Hello, I’m new on V1 Engineering, i hope to put this topic in the right place.

So the deal is, I’m struggling to activate the Dual_Y on Marlin.
The board in the case is a MKR Gen L V2.1 whit TMC2130 SPI drivers.

I already set the #define Y2_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130 and the #define Y_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS, got no luck at all.
Tryedchange pin of E1 to Y2 on ramps.pin too but got TMC connection Error.
Can please anyone help me.

The printer in the case in a transformation of a CubeProDuo in a Marlin 3d Printer.

Tks very much

That usually does the trick. You shouldn’t have to mess with the pins if you are not using all the drivers. It chooses the next available driver. So if you had EXTRUDERS=1, The first dual driver would be E1.

What did you try and what didn’t work? Just went for a move and it didn’t move? Did you try M119? Or M122?

tks a lot for hte answer m8.

i click M122 and got Testing Y2 connection… Error: All HIGH.
Y2 0xFF:FF:FF:FF Bad response!

Only use one extruder the E0, dont know why didnt work :S.

If you have an extruder, X, Y, Z, and Y2, then these are the portd that will be used:

Port: motor
X: X
Y: Y
Z: Z
E0: extruder
E1: Y2

Is you tmc driver set up for spi or standalone?

Its for SPI

M8, filnaly i got it.

Marlin only have the version 2.0 of the board, and u have the 2.1, so MKS only change the #ifndef E1_SERIAL_RX_PIN

The version 2.0 is
#ifndef E1_SERIAL_RX_PIN

#define E1_SERIAL_RX_PIN 21

just change to

#ifndef E1_SERIAL_RX_PIN

#define E1_SERIAL_RX_PIN 12

in the pins_MKS_GEN_L_V2

tks a lot for you time

Hmmm. The tmc2130 should not use serial, it should use the CS pin. But if it is working, good enough.

MKS change the Serial and the CS pin on V2.1

in V2 Serial is 21 and CS 12

and in V2.1 they change… dont know why…
V2.1 - V2 Serial is 12 and CS 21

realise that because of the red circle