Duel Endstops - Adding an Extruder

The 3d printer i used to print the mpcnc has to be sent back as its faulty so im going to try and print my new 3d printer using the mpcnc so…

I am trying to add an extruder and hotend to a duel endstop configured mpcnc, ive used aux 1 to breakout the pins to a board with a stepper driver for another extruder as discussed here but no pins.h or anywhere to set the pins for the extra extruder?

I have also set the thermistor connected to T0 so i can now read the temp of the hotend (connected to d10) but when i try to heat it up i get a min temp error even tho the temp is reading about 20 degrees (in marlin the min temp is set to 5)?

im hoping its something silly ive missed!?!?!


I have fixed the heating error somehow the heater was reading 1 ohm resistance instead of 3.9 and removing my harness and connecting it directly has fixed it so there mist have been a slight short in the harness causing it to fail heating.

Im still looking for how to set the pinouts for the extruder to use the outputs on aux1 instead of the normal extruder outputs as obv they are used for x and y… what should i search for in config.h

What do you mean no pins.h? Which version and board are you using Marlin 1 or 2, ramps or rambo?

Min temp is odd, I can’t think of any other setting I changed that would effect this.

ive sorted the min temp error it was because the heater was shorting slightly! Sorry im using ramps 1.4 and im trying to add another extruder motor using aux1 (is this the correct method?) the link i posted says i must change pins.h to assign the correct pins to the correct extruder motor?

This is what i need to edit but i cant find it

#define E2_STEP_PIN        64
#define E2_DIR_PIN         59
#define E2_ENABLE_PIN      44

and im using your duel endstop marlin i think on v2

You will need to change E0 the the right pins (new pins) I think I set them all to 70. The file will be pins_ramps.h (90% sure) and marlin 1 it is in the main folder, marlin 2 it is marlin/src/pins/.

I have never added an external driver so I can not be sure the correct pins. Yeah Aux 2 and 3 look to have a few open pins.


nice one thats where pins.h is!! :slight_smile:

great all working :slight_smile:

im using pins from aux2 on my Ramps 1.4 for STEP (64), DIR(59), ENABLE(44), +5v, GND

I have set the driver for micro stepping by linking the +5v to pins MS1,MS2,MS3 on the driver (im using a4988)

then just 12v to VMOT with a 100uf capacitor across the pins.

i then modified pins_ramps.h to replece the new pin outputs

I hope this helps if someone else needs to add another extruder to a duel endstop MPCNC

Thankyou Ryan for this awesome machine and your quick response, i can now print my new 3d printer!

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