Dui on hackaday

Hey! I know that guy!

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Put him on the homepage! His nine page thread is full of crazy stuff. We watched it happen over time but if you skim through it he is a busy guy.

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The responses he’s getting in the comment sections is why I don’t put anything like that on instructables or any other site. Too many people out there telling you that what you did was time wasted or the wrong way of doing it. I have my youtube vids, but I make sure they go by fast enough you can’t see the dumb things I do (like the fact my table saw has no blade guard).

It is fun reading through his thread on this site. He hops hobbies about as fast as I do.

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Hackaday is such a cool site, the comments though can be super informative. Usually the comments are “This isn’t the first time this has been done” or “This other thing is better and you wasted your time”. So going by that math and my super scientific polling methods, 10% of there readers are super smart (and also in these forums), 90% are armchair engineers that say and not do.

“The best way does not exist, the only way is the way that gets made”. -Ryan Zellars 2/7/18 8:20am Pacific (coffee fueled philosophy)

Bold statement by Mr. Zellars, I will keep that one with me.


“de wae” meme is coming to mind…if you don’t know what that is…carry on…

Wow, that’s pretty cool, I wasn’t expecting it!

I don’t worry too much about the comments, some people just read the article titles and don’t bother to actually try to read and understand what the hack is really about, that’s classic.


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