DXF files

How do I convert STL files to DXF files? I don’t have any high end software. Please tell me there’s a better way.

There aren’t any easy ways, they’re two totally different file formats. I’ve had limited success with 123d, but it’s really dependant on the stl. Complex shapes just don’t work. Usually what I do is open the stl, then create a thin box, say 2mm thick and bigger in x and y than the stl. Move it so it’s passing through your shape, then use the subtract tool to make a hole the shape of the stl in the box. This will let you export the box as a dxf. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t, then I have to do it the hard way and actually model the damn part…

stl are 3D and dxf files are 2D, representing just one view of a part.

You need to open the stl in some kind of CAD program, and then “trace” it out in 2D (which is easier than tracing IRL, sometimes). Then export the dxf.

I’ve had pretty good luck with onshape, which Ryan pointed me to. You can import the STL, then make a new sketch, select which plane it’s based off of, and then find the button that lets you add features into the sketch (I can’t remember the name of the button, ATM). Then you can finish the sketch, right click it (I think) and export as a dxf.

There are many ways to skin that cat though.