DXF to Gcode

Found free a DXF file to gCode converter that seems to be working pretty well. I have to add the G1 command before X Y but that’s easy enough. Thought the foamie guys might have a use for it.
All to G-Code Converter Free

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Dxf to gcode is called CAM :)… Is this just for engraving or something?

Wait, whaaaaaat? ha ha!

No, I’m doing a lot of laser paper cutting. Some of the the Pepakura outputs are 20 to 30, 8.5 x 11 sheets (DXF files). Work flow is:

Pepakura → DXF–> Inkscape → J Tech Photonics plugin repeat 20 to 30 times

With this, Pepakura → DXF → drop folder of DXF files in this converter about 10 seconds later start cutting.

Still tweaking the workflow, but so far so good.