Dyse's ZenXY Desk

First off, I apologize for any delayed satisfaction as I have not procured any material for this build yet (or even the 3D printer!). Long story short, my wife has started working full time again and is temporarily at a small table in our spare bedroom. We have contractors starting on adding a door to a room to turn it into an office that we will share (she works from home full time, I do 2 days a week) and we have one desk in there already, so I will be building a new desk for the office space and figured why not a ZenXY for it!

I’m an Electrical Engineer so I figured I’d model everything up before procuring any material. Shout out to Jeff for sharing his models in OnShape, this has significantly helped me visualize what I wanted to design! If you want to take a look at the current design I have it shared in OnShape as well: Onshape.

I’ll continue to post updates (slowly over time) as I build this out, but would love any feedback on the model as I start to procure the material.

The cabinet will be re-used from an old wooden desk we have and is made of pressboard, the rest of the wood will be maple to match the trim in the office, and there will be a single piece of glass covering the entire top surface.

Thanks for reading.