ElDorado's (Golden Primo) first creations

The golden primo has a name! “Eldorado” Suggested by the awesome jeffeb3. I forget how to tag someone but considering he is the most reliable person in the forums you probable know who he is.
It’s been crazy around here but even in the midst of all that is going on I found some time to work with “Eldo”.
So I pretty much stress tested this machine to the max… with a pen. I think the longest I did was a little over 6 hours. At one point the motors reached about 60c and the trucks got slightly warped. It seems to be running just fine but the motors have all shifted to a slight angle. In result the belts needed to be tightened a little. This worries me a bit but I built it and have the means to repair, reprint and resources everything so for now I’m just going to go with it. So without further ado all the nerdy stuff.


These ones are actually drawing that I did back in the day before I made robots do my bidding.


Those are great drawings. I makes me wonder if you could use a laser diode and engrave one of them on something other than paper. Like a phone case, or if you’re really confident, the cover for your laptop :slight_smile: .

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Yeah I definitely want to play with a laser at some point in the future… Some day.


It’s not that important but I never mentioned the size of these. I picked up a 14"x17" drawing pad off Amazon.