Electronic problem?

Hi there cnc maniacs :slight_smile:

im quite clueless in my problem, i build primo version this awesome machine, it works , but dimensions of creations was bad like i want 40mm circle and it cuts 65mm circle… i thoug it will be problem of bad values in Estlcam for step/mm. i let it be for few months and now i want get back into it, but my machine doing weird stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Im using arduino with cnc shield , estlcam, 12V2A powering ,drv8825 set to 0.7A machine is squared well

Problem is:

if i connect all axis, one of them not working (Z works all time)
if i switch X,Y cables problem moves to second axis…
if i connect X or Y to Z axis … all axis work smooth

if i switch X and Y steppers, problem didnt move to second axis - this pointing to bad wiring
so everything i combined and try… one of axis still “wobble” on spot, must go on lowest speed to move it.
but when i connect one of axis to Z axis all work full speed smooth :confused:

so i try : reprogram arduino, replace cnc shield with other shield, replace this with nano+ramps 1.6 ,move back to shield, change stepper drivers, totally change all wirings but its still same…

in past it works good, i dont know what i did bad to my machine :confused:

i put video here its long and bad, but there you can see the problem how “wobbling”
** ill put it here when it will upload** - slow internet in work :))

cant paste here video so watch?v=cgRtpyJxQbc on youtube

Check the stepper wire pairs for that axis. The sounds it’s making sound like one pair is wrong.

That’s not a lot of current. Are you sure that the PSU isn’t browning out?

Are you using 20T pulleys, or 16T?

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it used to work normally, then start to do this, so propably pairing is okey, because all 5 steppers are same. when i put the axis which not working to Z axis slot, it works good, so thats propably good,
but i will check it :slight_smile:

it work one week ago normally, but i can switch it to 24v , which shield can handle i think

i use 20T pulleys

I know a RAMPS shield can’t take 24V (The polyfuses go “pop” at about 16V) I don’t know about those. It’s more current that I would want. I like having a fair amount of overhead in a power supply.

For 20T pulleys steps/mm should be 80 (16X microstepping, say for A4988 drivers) or 160 (32X microstepping, typical for DRV8825 drivers.)

I´ll try to change power source now i have LED wire powering 12v2a how the cncshield want, but i think it will be same.

There are several online guides for prepping RAMPS to use 24 V. Replacing the fuses, and removing a diode, are (as I recall) the major modifications.

I make it works… All cables works ,all stepper works.
Dont know why, but some combination of stepper with wire works… :slight_smile:

I have only last problem, dont know what values put into estlcam to cut to properly depth… a try few settings, but when i want cut 20mm depth i reach just 16mm…

32 microstepping, rod is t8 with 2mm incline ramps 1.6 on arduino mega and using estlcam

Thanks for al advices

Does the GCode cut to the proper depth?

It should go as deep as you specify.

Some parameters for the cutting bit will determine how much it can do as a finishing pass, but it will do more than one finishing pass in that case. A single pass cannot be more than the Z+ step value for the tool. If you specify still do it, just in more than one pass.

This should all be on the milling basics page.