Electronics box

I wanted to make my electronics box look less sketchy. This is my second project with the lowrider.

Designed in Fusion360, cutout on lowrider via ESTLECAM and v1pi, printed parts on a cr10.

And yes … I know it’s overkill, and unnecessary.

Final product:

In process:


There’s something to be said for the 'If a little is good, more is better, and too much is just right" approach to design. I tend towards extremes so it’s either that or KISS. :roll_eyes:

It reminds me of the boxes the ghostbusters use to keep ghosts in. I am sure someone remembers their actual name.

It looks good, and if you enjoyed designing and making it, it isn’t overkill.
:+1: :+1:

Disagree…It is really really nice!

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Here is the files if anyone wants to make their own


A Ghost Trap:

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Very nice. I’m thinking Proctor Silex. :wink:

Mostly, I’m just thinking: “Wow, at least he’s got a functional CNC…”

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*mostly functional

@Captonsnake what expansion/connector boards are those? Is it just a breakout for the pins in a cat 5 basically?

That’s exactly what they are. Then I ran shielded cat5e cable to my machine.


Cool! I’ve always liked the cabled out builds like that, really cleans it up and allows for putting the control box in lots of locations. I really want to do something like this on my 3d printer even just to clean it all up but probably not worth the effort there.

I plan on doing this eventually having all of my control boxes right next to each other

They actually call it Ghost Trap :slight_smile:
As you can see, I am working on a full functional Model.

All functions are given, but need a little love the comming two weeks to bend the cabeling into the trap.

“Fully functioning”? Does it actually trap ghosts?

It looks really neat. I guess it opens and closes and lights up?

The thing with the ghosts are tricky.
I am in good hope for Halloween this year.

The functions are:
Doors open/close via two servos
LED stuff blinking etc as in the movies
Smoke generator via electric cigarette and small vaccum motor
Radio controlled foot pedal (Not on picture)

Once finished I will post an update here :slight_smile:But I can tell you it is a hell lot of work.



Awesome! The smoke is a super idea.

You can watch it here -> Ghost Trap