EleksMaker "Glow Tube" Clock

Got an e-mail from EleksMaker (they made my 3.5W banggood laser). Seems like a pretty interesting idea. May have to figure out how to make something like this on my MPCNC. Electronics control would be the most difficult part I think…

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More photos in their campaign:




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If you get stuck I am sure someone here can help a bit. Best part of a new project is learning something new.

“1600W color Tube lamp board developed by EleksMaker” What!

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You can see they are using the neo pixel LEDs (or similar). That will be tricky to make. Controlling them isn’t hard (the fastLED library can handle it), but the connection to the computer and corresponding computer code will be more work. If you’re willing to be a little hacky, or just have a button that cycles through a few preset colors, then you don’t need to provide a clean computer solution.


Nah. You could easily control that with a small arduino. Get a set of the sticky tape ws8211 LEDs, put them into a matrix with 3-4 LEDs under each piece of acrylic. String them all up in a row and only turn on the LEDs on the row you want lit. You could pick any color from the spectrum.

I did the same thing with a PI zero and an acrylic letter for work. We use it to show the current state of the environment in a green to red color fade. Of course, I built the thing then found out my boss is color blind.

I am bit confused now 'Electronics control would be the most difficult ? Please clear it.