End Stop Fimware on Recent Purchased RAMBo Board

I just recently purchased a MPCNC kit with a RAMBo 1.4 board. The kit came with the end stop hardware (micro switches and wiring)

I want to get the end stops setup on my mpcnc.

Has the firmware already been installed or updated for the end stops by V1 or do I have to do it

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I think it is best to spend lots of time without them. They add a lot of complications, they do not make normal jobs easier they make them harder. Only use them if you absolutely have to. They are 90% for squaring and 10% for homing.


ok, I thought it would be more useful for homing

One question I do have is, what is the common method for the start-up procedure for a cutting project ?

The way I have been doing it is to:

  1. Secure the product to be cut to the work area
  2. Manually move the spindle too the home position (X and Y) as it was set in the Estlcam program
  3. Manually set the Y position (use the "paper method" to determine starting height)
  4. Turn on the power to the controller system
  5. Select print from SD card via the digital LCD controller
  6. Select the file and let it do it's work
BTW, I am having a ball with the MPCNC. Between designing parts for it and using it to cut what I need for my model aircraft, it is doing everything I currently need it to do.


For mpcnc with dual endstops it is similar

  1. Home XY

  2. Move X and Y to start point by LCD menu

  3. Carefully move Z to zero level by LCD menu.

  4. Reset machine coordinates - set current point as zero. G92 x0 y0 z0

  5. Move Z to 5mm up

  6. Turn on spindle

  7. Play gcode from sd card.

Steps 1,4,5 can be added as custom menu items to the firmware. So you can work in dual endstops mode completely autonomously without connected PC

How do you perform step #4 with the LCD screen?


Ok, back to the end stops and auto square question.I am finding that for the jobs that I have to do the auto square will be advantageous.

My question is, being that I purchased the full RAMBo board with the kit (with end stop switches and wiring) from V1, does the RAMBo board already have the end stop software installed, or do I have to update the firmware


Only if you bought that one. If you are currently using it without endstops then no it does not, I have flashing instructions on the firmware age linked twice on the homepage.

Hi Ryan, yes I purchased the full RAMBo board with the V1 Engineering MPCNC kit (steppers, bearings, bolts, wiring harnesses, full RAMBo and LCD controller wit the SD card slot)
I will go and download the end stop firmware tonight and get it figured out



Understood, but if you bought the series or dual I flash the board accordingly.

The board I have has the X and Y motors connected in series.
So is my board flashed with the appropriate firmware for end stops ?

Is there a way I could determine if the board is setup for end stops ?
As I said earlier my kit from V1 came with the endstop switches and all the wiring to hook them up

You are not set up for endstops. I Strongly suggest you keep going without endstops for a while they add complexity to the build, CAD, and CAM.

Have a look at this page.