End Stop issue

I just wired my end stops, and when I run the m119 commnd it shows that y and z is open, but that x, x2, an y2 are triggered. Any idea on why only Y is showing open and functioning properly?

I had an issue with the endstops when using the 2209 drivers and not cutting the diag leg

Have you checked the NO vs NC on your switches?

Do they change state when you trigger them manually?

Triggered indicates that there is an open circuit as the V1 firmware uses the Normally Closed signal for the endstops. Might be worth confirming the wiring.

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I fixed the issue, when cleaning up wiring and putting them in cable sleeves the electrical tape didn’t hold up and caused them to come unplugged. It was quite the chore to remove all the wiring I had inside cable sleeves ran through drag chains…