Ender 3 Pro for $99?

So I ran across This deal on Instagram and it looks a little too good to be true. At the se time I’m not sure what the scam would be. You can pay via CC through PayPal so you aren’t giving them payment details to steal and should have good charge back options if they never deliver.

Microcenter had the same price a while ago w/ an in-store, new-customers-only coupon so it is not impossibly cheap but certainly cheap enough to warrant a bit of suspicion.


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Lots of red flags on that website. The address turns out to be an Amazon fulfillment center on Google Maps. Hint: you won’t find an Ender 3 Pro on Amazon for $99. The bottom of each page shows that they accept Amex, Visa, and MC but the checkout only allows Paypal. Their list of products are mostly completely unrelated to one another, including a 30 tool Dewalt combination set for $99 (yeah, right). I’m embarrassed to say that I was duped by a similar website (for a much lower dollar amount) and that was the first time that Paypal did not favor the buyer. I would run, not walk away from this website.


Good points, Mike. Probably a scam. Page is 404 now too…

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