Ending GCODE

I’m new to this and really appreciate all the work put into the design, documentation and support files.
I was reading the “Getting Started” section for the Lowrider although this would apply to all machines.
Positioning the bit above the last machine seems sort of right but, how far.
I would think that should be the initial clearance height established before cutting started.
If not, above the current position could be below some other feature that didn’t cut as far into the material resulting in the tool running into uncut material and possibly breaking off in the process.
Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this amazing site and the machines it features.
Have a great day.
Jim Brooks

In your CAM software (Estlcam) you can set scripts to run at different parts of the job. Start, end, tool change etc… In the end Gcode I usually add some lines of Gcode to move the bit up higher. Turn off the spindle/dust collector (via a relay) then finally move to a safe parked position away from my work piece.

Many of us also have something that will catch or hold the machine so when the motors relax it doesn’t slowly fall down. In that case then you can also add a line of Gcode that will disable the motors.

Add all of that into the right spot of your CAM program and it will be added to all your projects.