Endmills and bits for CNC

Hello. I am planning to build a MPCNC as a school Project because it would be a great thing to show off, and I know that I will use the CNC in the future. I live in Sweden, so I have to order Everything internationally. This makes for very high shipping costs (80 dollars for the kit). The biggest problem for me is getting everything I need in one go so I don’t have to pay more shipping for a separate package. My biggest question is about the endmills and bits, what are the neccesary ones that I should order from Vicious1? I am planning to cut mostly Acrylic for custom computer waterblocks and channels, but also quite a bit of wood. Also, is there anything I should order in addition to the kit, any spare parts that often dissapear? Thanks for the answers!

I suggest a few single flute upcut, a dual flute, A couple vbits, and a ball end if you will be doing some 3D carving.

Besides that nothing should really need to be replaced.

I wonder if people would benefit from a “beginner bit set” or something in your shop, Ryan.

Good idea.


A beginner set would be great, the kyocera brand 1/8" are good general use bits. My single flute can cut just about anything good except maybe steel or CFRP. Too many times do I see people trying to use those $5 dollar sets of 10 end mills. They just aren’t as sharp and are often chipped to begin with. A good bit makes a huge difference.

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