Entire Lowrider Kit and MPCNC Parts for Sale

I have had a lot of fun with the v1 products. I started with the mpcnc and then moved on to the lowrider 2. I want to take my home made manufacturing businessy type thing to the next level so I will be purchasing 6040 style router and comparing it.

Anyways, here is what is for sale:

Entire Lowrider 2 kit:

Includes literally everything you need to get it built except for 1" stainless tube. All parts, mechanical components, steppers, pulleys belts, are included!

The 2 Y plates are made of 1/2" particle board and the dw611 plate is made of 1/4" aluminum.

I will also sell off my dw611 router. It is nearly new and will include the original accessories plus a 1/8" collet as a bonus.

Electronics is a ramps 1.4 with the 6a power supply. Included is an LCD with its case.

Any other details and picture can be sent through a PM!


I also have some old mpcnc parts for 23.5mm conduit if anyone is interested in those.

For shipping cost reasons, I am only willing to ship within the US.

Ignore the crappy picture. I just wanted quick proof I was remotely serious.


How much for LR2?

Thanks, Mike

Forgot to edit, but everything except the MPCNC plastic parts has been sold. Sorry.

What is included in the MPCNC parts? Price?

If you don’t mind me asking, what caused you to stop using your MPCNC and switch to a 6040 style CNC router?

How does it compare with the MPCNC that you were using?

All the plastic parts and some belt. I really want to just get rid of the parts at this point. I would be willing to give them up for $30 shipped.

I wanted something a little more accurate and rigid. The mpcnc isnt a piece of junk by any means, but it has its limits which I reached. I also want to try something new as I have used the MPCNC for endless hours.

The MPCNC is a perfect example of a great design with so-so materials. You can only get so far with plastic parts (3d printed even) stainless tube, 2mm gt2 belts, and nema 17s. For what it is, its incredible, but I gotta step up my game with something I can’t stop by just pushing it with my hand.


The machine is here https://www.omiocnc.com/products/x6-2200l-usb.html. I have not bought it yet, hopefully by next week. A lot of positive reviews on this one, it isn’t your average 6040. It uses supported linear guides that are significantly more rigid than the typical unsupported rods.

I will see how it compares. From what people achieve, it can cut roughly 3-4x faster (in cubic inches per minute) than I ever could with my mpcnc. We will see, I am excited!

Careful you haven’t used it yet, that’s how rumors get started. Please remember you are going from a work surface about 20% smaller as well.

I am pretty excited, this will give us a solid cost to speed/accuracy number.

I have wondered if I could pimp out some import kits and make them a little better. Maybe I should get one of the generic ones and give it a brain transplant. So many seem to like them, but I have zero experience with them, never got to put my hands on one and give it a wiggle.

I think what you’re describing is what I am buying, a pimped import. The electronics seem to be the weakest link which doesn’t surprise me.

As long as your control box is this type (similar machine, no linear) you will be able to make any changes you might want. Everything is the external type all tidy in a box, so changes are easily possible.

Can’t wait.

Just take it easy and start slow. We had a machine that looked a lot like this at work, and someone put in some bad commands and it broke itself. The repair was expensive and time consuming and it got put on the back burner. It was busted for a long time. Until we had summer intern fix it.

Lucky! Those type of internships are the best. Not just fetching lunch, and cleaning up.

The office is in Pittsburgh and the CMU interns they find are always pretty good. This person is now a full time employee, but he is very mechanically inclined and watches over our 3D printers and builds brackets or mounts for anything we need on our robot platforms.

They also found a few good high school interns who they give these moon shot software tasks and they are inexpensive enough they can still completely fail and as long as they try, we will both learn enough for it to be worth it. They get letters of recommendation and a few bucks. We get maybe some usable code and hopefully a video of something working. But most importantly, we could get full time employees right out of college that we know can work. Those are really helpful.

I am dying to get hire a couple but really am not comfortable doing that out of my apartment. The young guys at Robo were/are freaking amazing and I would love to work with them again.

Yeah. It would be great for both of you if you coupd get them to do about a 50/50 split of packing boxes/developing stuff. They could photograph instructions or try out new firmware or cut your LR parts…

Sorry Kevin, for completely hijacking your thread.

Sorry for the Hijack Kevin, If I come back down south I’ll offer you an internship first.

Omio has been ordered. I can start a writeup comparison by next week.

No worries, internship stuff is something I need to focus on in the coming year being a high school senior. I think our school has a Northrop Grumman internship that I hope to get. There is a lot of competition between high achieving students for it.

Yeah if you come down south, hit me up I am ready to work! :slight_smile:

Kevin I’ll go ahead and take the MPCNC parts. Shoot me a PM with payment info (Paypal?) and I’ll respond with details.

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There! All un-hijacked. :slight_smile: