Estelcam 11.244 32 v 64 bit

I have my Primo all built and its moving!

I am installing software (Estelcam) so I can attempt the crown test but I have a question. I am unsure which version of Estelcam to download. There is a 32 and 64bit version. I have a Primo with an SKR board purchased from the V1 shop and am using a Mac if that matters.


Both versions seem to run in 32bit mode on my machine… This is (normally) a question of if y ou have a 32bit of 64bit version of Windows that you’re working from. on a Mac (Unless you’re running a full Windows install under Parallels) I’d probably recommend running the 32bit version. That’s how I have it installed with WINE on my Linux machine. I run the nominally 64bit version on my Windows laptop.

Can i only run this program if I have windows on my Mac (which i do not) if so are there any other options?

Estlcam is a Windows native application, there is no mac version.

You can run it under WINE, same as I’ve done for my Linux installation. There’s a thread on running it here another person was talking about it under Mac, but I don’t remember any specific instructions

For the Mac users out there what do you normally do? is there a native Mac program that will work better than Estelcam?

kiri:moto is an option. Fusion 360 is too. The mac user’s I’ve talked to about it run it in parallels or in wine on mac, or use something else.

Okay…can someone give me a quick dummies edition on “WINE” it seems complicated

There is gcode you can download. That is what I did. I swam before I ran, lol. Luckily I did not drown. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the Gcode file I was able to put that into repeater and save it to an SD card and print out a few crowns!

I think they came out okay…