ESTLCam and 2.8W laser?

Can I set up the laser as a tool in ESTLCam and then use it to do CAM? If so, what diameter should I use for the tool diameter? I can figure out the feeds through experimentation. Not that I’d ignore anyone that cared to offer the settings they use but I know it all depends on the materials and goals as well.

Also, how do I manage the power? Manually through the LCD or should I edit the gcode ESTLCam gives me to turn the laser on and off (again I know it depends on the goal of the CAM).

I’ll continue learning Lightburn in the meantime. Seems pretty straightforward.

Yes, it doesn’t matter, you will “engrave” on the path.

There is a section for lasers in estlcam to set power level.

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Found it. Thanks Ryan.


Setup > CNC Programs > Texts Tab

Second row of tabs appear - last one is Laser, Plasma, Water Jet etc…

Hi, Im getting the MPCNC Parts w 30A / RAMBo Series Wire Kit. I have been doing some research while waiting for the parts to be shipped and learned from this video that the Rambo series board does not support automatically turning on and off the laser device. Could you please let me know what would be the ideal board for CNC router and laser engraving.

That is not true, most every board has a spare port or 5 to do this. The Rambo is most certainly capable.

Sure is. For me it was plug and play to the Fan 1 port. I was scared I was doing something wrong because it was so easy and I didn’t want to turn the machine on and shoot Dui with my laser. I imagine that would have caused some political instability.

Thanks guys.