Estlcam and Ramps. 1.4

Hi, I’d like to use Estlcam to control the MPCNC but I can not interface the Ramps 1.4 to the software, I connect the board and I program it with Estlcam (I choose the firmware of the soft for Mega Arduino) but the gear don’t work.

I also tried to program the card with the Marlin firmware that I took from this site (MPCNC Marlin GOld) but estlscam don’t recognizes the card

Could any of you using Ramps 1.4 with estlcam give me some advice to program it with Estlcam?

In addition to the Ramps 1.4, I have also a CNC shield ver 3, which instead I can program and control with Estlcam, which of the two cards is better? The Ramps also has the display that is comfortable.

Thanks and ciao


>The Ramps also has the display that is comfortable.

I don’t think Estlcam utilizes LCDs.

Looks like your board (“card”) is faulty, or you connected the steppers wrong to the Ramps.

Verify your Ramps is ok. You could do this by flashing Marlin and use repetier-Host to move Axis.


This is no longer supported by Estlcam.

The ramp's work perfectly, I use it with Marlin firmware, Aspire and Repeiter and it work very fine.

The movement on the axis are ok (if with repetier I move the axis X for 100mm, the mostly move the axis for 10 cm etc.), but If I connect the Ramps and program it with the function "arduino mega" in estlcam, the stepper don't work.

I use MPCNC with a Dremel and with a laser module for cut and engrave acrylic panel. For this I use a support on the Z axis, where I installed the dremel together with the laser module.

The problem is that the "center" of the spindle is different respect the center of the laser. For cut and engrave a panel I must assign two "home", one for the dremel and one for the laser and with repetier this is impossible (I think), and estlcam don't work with Ramps 1.4, how I can resolve my problem ( use of dremel and laser with the same tool).

I can use the CNC shield ver3 with estlcam, but how I can set the "home" for dremel and the "home" for laser?.


I hope that you understand my bad english.

Thanks and ciao

That is no longer supported. You are trying to use estlcam firmware. Just use estlcam Gcode with repetier, like all my tutorials.


Loo into, work offsets, That means you can move the home position or offset for each tool path.